The Smart Sweet!


Experience the delicious, sweet taste of Soviia Agave.  An all-natural, organic, liquid sweetener, Soviia Agave is the healthier choice.  Our agave is harvested at the peak of plant maturity: 6-8 years.  Extra time and focus on agave nectar gives our agave a consistent flavor and superior quality. 

Compare the delicious and rich flavor of the better cocoa with the leading brand of chocolate syrup.  Our Premium Chocolate  Agave Syrup delivers heavenly, calorie-saving sweetness with a low glycemic index.  It is the best tasting chocolate flavor and a healthier choice.  

Enjoy all the health benefits of organic agave with natural maple flavor.  Our Maple Agave syrup will be your new favorite syrup for pancakes, waffles, bacon and French toast.  With a low glycemic index, you won't sacrifice health for a delicious maple experience.


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